Although every photo shoot is personal to me on some level, my personal projects are a way for me to express myself creatively without limits. Resulting in what I describe as "fine art", these creative pursuits almost always start out as experiments. Whether I am experimenting with lights, objects, or substances, I usually end up capturing something that inspires me to refine my approach and see how far I can take it.
Because of the nature of my interests, the results of my personal projects are unpredictable and impossible to reproduce in a second photo. The dynamic nature of the things that I shoot can result in incredible photographs, but unfortunately the ratio of incredible shots to average shots is greatly skewed towards the average side. The pricing of my prints is based on how difficult it is to capture these astounding photographs.

My personal projects do not include photographing still objects. I do occasionally photograph still life (flowers, objects, etc.) as well as landscapes and architecture, etc. These types of photos can be found in the Places & Things section of this website.... Once I create it.

Prints... The simple answer is yes, I do sell prints of my work. The longer answer requires a few additional questions. First, "What is your budget?", and second, "How important is it to you to have a unique print?". Most "fine art" that is created by painters, sculptors, etc. results in a single, unique work of art. The value of the art is higher because of things like limited availability, collect-ability, appeal, among other factors. Photography has not typically followed the same model because of the ability to reproduce the image as many times as the artist would like. In my opinion, this approach creates a surplus of art which devalues the work. I understand the need, in some cases, to make copies available to anyone who would like to purchase them, but feel that a balance should be struck where the art can be unique enough to still have value.

I sell my "fine art" prints from two different perspectives.

For the art collector:
I want the people who purchase limited editions of my art to feel that they are the owners of something unique and special. I want them to be proud of the purchase and inspire them to collect the rare prints that I create.

I only make two large prints of the most unique and interesting photos that I take from any given project. After verifying that the prints meet my standards, I delete the original high resolution (36MP) file. I do retain a low resolution file (5MP) for my records, to display online, and in catalogues, but the high resolution print is destroyed in order to insure that no additional prints are made of the image at the same size and quality. I retain one copy of the print for my private collection and sell the other. Both prints are numbered and signed. The print that I sell is signed on the front and numbered on the back. The print that I keep is signed and numbered on the back. I also provide a signed certificate of deletion that guarantees the limited nature of the work due to the deletion of the original file.

For everyone else:
Because I also want to make some of my work affordable for people who like what they see, and don't mind that their print is not produced in limited quantities, I select several pieces of each project to be sold as prints to whomever would like to purchase one. Pricing is based on the uniqueness of the work as well as the desired print size.
My availability is limited so I never know when I will be adding new projects to the mix. I try to experiment a few times a year, however I can not predict what my mood, or my interests, will be like at the time my schedule opens. I truly love playing with my personal projects and am always looking for new inspiration, approaches, and subjects to shoot.
I will be adding a "gallery" page that will display what prints are in circulation as soon as I can get around to it. Note - This may be months away but it will happen before the end of the year.

I am including just a few of my personal project photos for now but come back in a few weeks to see more.

Thank you for your interest and I look forward to adding the full functionality of this page soon.