They say that a picture is worth a thousand words... Well, mine are packin' at least three thousand, two hundred, and eleven. I am Jason Carncross, Photographer & Renegade Creative

My "eye" was honed during my 20 plus year career in the graphic design and creative arts industries. During that time I developed my sense of visual balance, flow, and focus, as well as my understanding of how to compose, and capture, impact-full images that effectively convey the emotion, and feeling, of the moment. I know how control the flow of an image, and how to tell a story through a single frame.

As a general rule, I only shoot what I like, or that which inspires me. This doesn't mean that I won't shoot a family portrait, it just means that I need to be inspired by the family that I am shooting. Are they compelling? Do they have an interesting story? Because inspiration and creativity are essential elements for creating great photography, I only shoot people, places, things, and events that are unique, interesting, and compelling to me. I tell visual stories by capturing and preserving moments in time in creative and artistic ways. If there is one thing that I provide on a regular basis, I would have to say that it is revealing people, their character, their emotions, and their personalities.

A few things to understand about photography...
Creativity is not a commodity. Every photographer brings a different perspective and skill set to the table. Experience, background, perspective, and passion are going to be different for every creative person. These differences culminate in unique perspectives, approaches, and, results. Don't discount creativity and experience, this is what differentiates an 'okay' image from a stellar one. Occasionally you may luck out with a 'budget' photographer, but, more often than not, you will be disappointed. Key questions for a client to understand is "How important are the results of a photo shoot to me?", and "Do I want a 'great photo', or just a photo?" This is where the photographer's portfolio comes into play. Find a photographer who's portfolio conveys the level of creativity and quality that represents your desired results.

Meeting prior to a shoot in order to understand a client's wants, needs, and goals is imperative to producing stellar results. Involving the client in the process shifts the focus from, photos that the photographer is taking, to works of art that are being created collaboratively. I get to know my clients, and their personalities, before ever touching a camera. Prior to the photo shoot we work together to discover the most appropriate locations and themes to pursue. During the shoot, I direct the process while encouraging collaboration to ensure that we get the most out of our time together. The personal attention that I give my clients helps them to relax during the actual photo shoot, and allows their "true" essence to shine. I strive to capture the person, not the picture, and I believe that this approach is evident in my photographs. I personally believe that just showing up with a camera, in most cases, isn't going to produce the best results. Even preparing for an event requires an understanding of what to expect from the location. Although I do have a studio in which to shoot, I typically reserve the space for commercial product shoots. Portraits and people shoots are typically location-based unless a need for a more intimate setting is necessary.

Prices vary from photographer to photographer based on the photographer's need to make money, availability, capability, passion, and the quality of their work. Pricing creative photography is difficult to do from the standpoint of maintaing a 'rate sheet'. Good Photographers will obtain a sense of the effort required, by understanding the client's desired results during a pre-shoot, pre-hire, consultation. Depending on the photographer, there can be a fee just for the consultation. Some of the aspects of a photo shoot that effect cost are: the scope of the shoot (need for an assistant, props, transportation, number of locations, etc.), the desired product(prints, usage, resolution, retouching, etc.), and the timeline for delivering the final output. The amount of planning, thought, effort, and creativity required to produce stellar results is different from project to project.