Eventually I will be implementing a contact form and allow people to subscribe to email communications. For now I am including a link as a means of letting people contact me.

Depending on my availability I may, or may not, respond in some form or fashion within a reasonable, or unreasonable, amount of time.

    Here are some of the reasons that you may want to contact me.
  • 1. You would like to hire me to photograph something or someone.
  • 2. You would like to inform me about an event that you think may interest me.
  • 3. You are interested in purchasing prints.
  • D. You would like to work with, or for, me.
  • E. You have a question that only I can answer.
  • 6. You are lonely and/or bored and couldn't think of anyone else that you wanted to bother.

You can also find me on or on Model Mayhem.

I can be reached at